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Why is it important that you and the other party fill in the accident statement form?

If you are involved in a road traffic accident it is important that there is good investigation material available showing what really happened. This increases your chances of receiving the correct compensation and can help your claim to be settled more rapidly.

For this reason there is an accident statement form that is common to large parts of Europe and can be used in case of road traffic accidents. In Sweden the form is entitled “Skadeanmälan – motorfordon” and consists of two identical forms with a sheet of carbon paper in between them. Everyone should have a copy of the form, which can be obtained from your insurance company, in their vehicle.

When an accident has occurred and more than one vehicle is involved, the drivers should, as far as possible, fill in and sign the front page of the form directly at the scene of the accident.

When this is done you should separate the two pages and take one each. You can then each fill in the back of the form in your own time and send it to your insurance company or – in certain cases – to Trafikförsäkringsföreningen (TFF).

If you proceed in this way, the insurance company and TFF will be able to quickly begin the claim settlement process and arrive at the correct compensation decision.

Sometimes it is not possible for the drivers to fill in the form together at the scene of the accident. In this case you should fill in the form yourself as soon as possible, sign it and send it to your insurance company or – in certain cases – to TFF. The same applies if you are involved in a single-vehicle accident.