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If you are dissatisfied with our claim settlement

Contact Trafikförsäkringsföreningen (TFF)

If you are dissatisfied with our decision on compensation, you should first contact your case officer. Any misunderstandings can often be cleared up with a simple telephone call. If new facts emerge that were previously unknown to the case officer, TFF may review its decision.

Should you not be satisfied with our accessibility, information, treatment, service or skills please use the contact link to the right to let us know what has not worked in accordance with your expectations.

The Road Traffic Injuries Commission (TSN)

Examines cases of compensation for personal injury. You can apply for your case to be examined via your case officer.
English website

The Swedish Consumers Insurance Bureau

Gives advice on insurance issues. Tel. +46 8 22 58 00.
English website

The National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN)

Examines certain issues of compensation in insurance matters. The ARN does not examine issues of who was liable for an accident or of personal injuries sustained in connection with a road traffic accident.
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If you do not accept our decision on compensation, it can always be decided by the courts (district/city court).

You can receive assistance with your costs if you have legal expenses insurance or through the general legal aid system. Contact the company that provides your car or home insurance for further information.