This is Swedish Motor Insurers

Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF) is an organisation for cooperation between motor insurance companies in Sweden. We play a central role in the Swedish motor insurance system.

  • We compensate people who have been injured or had property destroyed by an unknown, uninsured or foreign vehicle.

  • We levy a statutory charge (motor insurance charge) on people who do not have motor third party liability insurance for their motor vehicle or vehicles.

  • We safeguard Swedish interests in international motor insurance cooperation in the Green Card system and other organisations.

Another task of Swedish Motor Insurers concerns reducing the percentage of uninsured vehicles in the country and this is how we work in this area.

Swedish Motor Insurers was established in 1929 when compulsory third party motor insurance was introduced in Sweden. All motor insurance companies in Sweden must by law be members of Swedish Motor Insurers. Our activities are mainly based on provisions of the Motor Traffic Damage Act. The statutes are determined by the Government and we are subject to supervision by Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority).

Read more about Swedish Motor Insurers in our presentation leaflet (pdf).

Read more about motor third party liability insurance in our folder (pdf).


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